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Scope of Services:

Regenerations Counseling Services, Inc. (RCS) offers a variety of Outpatient Mental Health Services designed to support the recovery, health, and well-being of the persons or families we serve.

A multidisciplinary team of licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, psychiatric nurses, medical assistants, psychiatrists, and counselors-in-training (interns) staff our counseling centers.

Our Outpatient Mental Health Services include: individual, family and group therapy, psychosocial evaluations, psychiatric evaluation, psychopharmacology and medication monitoring to the clients it serves.  For any additional services needed, but not offered by RCS, referrals are made to other resources when appropriate.  Our outpatient services are available to individuals upon referral.  Referrals may be initiated by the individual, a parent, guardian, or community provider such as physician, minister, attorney, school, or social service personnel.

RCS primarily serves a Medicaid or Medicaid-eligible population including children, adults, and families.  RCS provides services in a manner that is appropriately sensitive to factors of age, development, gender, language, communication skills, and culture. Clinicians receive on-going supervision and training regarding the impact of these factors on a client’s treatment.  Frequency of services varies based on clinical need of the client.  In addition to regular Monday-Friday business hours clinicians are available to meet at times that are convenient to the client including evenings, early mornings, and weekends (both Saturday and Sunday).  Clinical services may be provided in the home, office or community depending on needs of the client.

Services are coordinated with the Behavioral Health Administration through the local Core Service Agencies.  This coordination includes accepting referrals and making referrals to other service providers who may meet the needs of our clients.

Program Description:

Individuals referred for outpatient services (either by self-referral or a community referral) receive a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation by a trained qualified mental health professional in consultation with the medical director to determine appropriateness for outpatient services and to plan an initial course of action.

The evaluation may entail discussion of both short- and long-term medication treatment options; preferred therapy modalities; family interventions; transitional care planning; educational recommendations; and preferences for care. When resources become limited we may prioritize service delivery to those who do not have active professional services in the community.

A multidisciplinary team of licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, psychiatric nurses, medical assistants, psychiatrists, and counselors-in-training (interns) staff our counseling centers.  Following the initial consultation, a multidisciplinary team of clinicians and clinical support staff work collaboratively with clients to develop treatment plans which focus on increasing client functioning supporting recovery, reducing symptoms, and building resilience.  Client strengths are identified within the first session and continuously reinforced throughout treatment.  It is RCS’s belief that all clients can make improvements in functioning and experience an improved quality of life.

When a client can be safely and adequately treated on an outpatient basis, evaluation and treatment is individualized based on the client’s needs, phase of care, preference, and level of functioning.  The treatment modality, frequency, and length of treatment will vary accordingly.  The treatment approaches available at RCS include individual, group, and family therapy as well as medication management. With over 60 clinicians, RCS is able to treat a wide range of mental health illnesses and issues. Our clinicians have diverse backgrounds in terms of training, experience, and interests.  No one approach works for all people. Therefore, we have clinicians who have varied therapeutic styles and who specialize in using different treatment modalities.  Treatment modalities may include CBT, Trauma Focused, Family systems, Interpersonal, Narrative, Psychodynamic, Client Centered therapy, and Holistic therapy among others.

Person Centered Philosophy: