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Information for New Clients

Information for New Clients:

Expect to be at the intake assessment appointment for at least 1 hour. The evaluation may entail discussion of presenting concerns; history of present concerns; both short- and long-term medication treatment options; preferred therapy modalities; expectations of treatment; family interventions; transitional care planning; educational recommendations; and other similar topics. At this same appointment, if you are choosing to enroll, you will also sign new client intake forms. For more information see Program Description.

Following the evaluation, it is determined if your issues/concerns can be managed in our outpatient mental health center or must be referred out. If you are admitted then you will be assigned a clinician and work with him/her to complete a person-centered treatment plan within the first few sessions. If you are not admitted the intake clinician will explain the recommendations and offer you information on how to link with an appropriate service.