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Individuals referred for outpatient services (either by self-referral or a community referral) at RCS receive a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation (psychosocial evaluation) during what we call the intake assessment appointment. The evaluation is conducted by a trained qualified mental health professional in consultation with the medical director to determine appropriateness for outpatient services and to plan an initial course of action. To be found appropriate for treatment at RCS, and admitted, the following criteria must be met:

Individual demonstrates symptomatology consistent with a DSM 5 diagnosis that requires and will respond to therapeutic intervention;

  • There is an expectation that the prescribed treatment will show progress toward treatment goals or is needed to maintain current optimum level of functioning;
  • The individual/support systems, upon evaluation, demonstrate motivation to comply with treatment;
  • The mode of treatment is appropriate to the symptomatology;
  • If sober, the client is not at risk of developing withdrawal symptoms that could severely compromise him or her medically or psychiatrically;
  • The client’s medical conditions, if present, are being treated and under control, allowing him or her to attend therapy sessions regularly, alert and able to engage in the treatment process;
  • The client presents no indications of severe active psychiatric, suicidal and/or homicidal symptoms that are best treated at a higher level of care such as in a secure facility.
  • The client has Medical Assistance (Medicaid)

Information for New Clients:

Expect to be at the intake assessment appointment for at least 1 hour. The evaluation may entail discussion of presenting concerns; history of present concerns; both short- and long-term medication treatment options; preferred therapy modalities; expectations of treatment; family interventions; transitional care planning; educational recommendations; and other similar topics. At this same appointment, if you are choosing to enroll, you will also sign new client intake forms. For more information see Program Description (link to Program Description).

Following the evaluation, it is determined if your issues/concerns can be managed in our outpatient mental health center or must be referred out. If you are admitted then you will be assigned a clinician and work with him/her to complete a person-centered treatment plan within the first few sessions. If you are not admitted the intake clinician will explain the recommendations and offer you information on how to link with an appropriate service.

What to bring:

Please bring your driver’s license or other photo ID as well as your insurance card to the initial assessment appointment.  Additionally, and if applicable, bring any legal documents to verify guardianship or other legal custody status.  If you would like to apply for sliding fee, please bring proof income.






The counselor will be responsible for coordinating services, such as making referrals, as needed, for services that support the holistic health and wellbeing of the client. If indicated, usually via the intake assessment, clinical supervision, or the counselor’s observation of progress, the service coordinator will facilitate the referrals for community resources (vocational, substance abuse, somatic, rehabilitative, etc) as well as assist the client in applying for all applicable entitlement programs.

Additionally, when there are emerging needs outside the treatment plan the counselor may work with the client to address these emerging needs by referring them to an agency that may be able to help them.